Cass Manufacture Lab is a leather goods studio. We specialize in conception, design, pattern making, sample creation, and the manufacture of leather goods

Product design & 

Technical drawings 


We can take a concept through ideation and help design your vision. Whether it's a single product, or a collection. Our extensive knowledge of traditional leather working techniques can help simplify complex issues. We are capable of delivering technical drawings and specifications for pricing or preproduction manufacturing.


Pattern making



A good pattern is at the core of product development. . It transforms the 3D concept into a 2D construction template. And is used to express the accuracy and specifications necessary to produce high quality samples. Our goal is to work with you to deliver detailed patterns that enable production.


Sample making


A good sample says it all. It reflects your design and your brand personality. It is a technical reference to the manufacturer and a communication asset for potential buyers.          It allows the designer to test and improve the construction while gathering detailed information about the items performance.



Small batches are our specialty! 

Depending on the project a minimum can be required.

You are a Designer, a Creator, an Entrepreneur.

We are your technical design and development team.


We bring your ideas to life.

You have the concept or the design, but you're not quite sure about the next step? Let us help.


We help make it happen.

After the pattern is made we can make the samples. Now you can go out and test it, take pictures, make a lookbook, post it, pin it, etc.


We keep on going.

Ready to make a small batch? So are we!


We go farther.

Are you an existing company that wants to improve its manufacturing process or in need of technical support? We are here for you.


I’m new in the industry can you help me?

Yes. We want to encourage designers to work with leather. We understand the material and we are here to simplify your path and guide you through the development process.


How much will the whole process cost?

We do not give quotes before having all the information: designs, specifications, materials, hardware and quantities. The creative process can be long and lots of decisions have to be made. Every client and project is different, having a clear idea will save lots of time and money.


Do I need to provide all materials, hardware, snaps and zippers?

Yes, we need everything to start sampling.


What do I need to bring to my appointment or email to start working together?

The more references you have the better. Because communicating ideas can be tough, we would like you to provide sketches, images, materials, swatches or inspiration. This helps lead us in the right direction. Bring any questions you might have and we will do our best to answer them.


What kind of leather should I use?

This is a very important question. Most of all the thickness (Oz) and stretchiness will influence the construction of your designs. The way it is tanned will define the look. And the quality will determine how much waste you are going to have. 


Do you provide consulting services?

Yes. We can improve small production companies by suggesting materials, techniques, templates, machinery and line adjustments.

Cass Manufacture Lab

160 St. Viateur Est  Suite 200-E

Montréal, QC H2T1A8  Canada

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